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Ziggy Trenkler has been our designer for 5 of our projects . She is very talented when it comes to colors, tile and designing from the bottom up. She is quick to pick and coordinate material in a clean and sophisticated style. I could not have been able to build any of our homes without her advice and expertise.

Ziggy can do any type of design and architecture depending on what the client needs and wants. Our houses range from 3000 sq ft. to 8500 sq ft. Tuscany to contemporary . She can help you with the architects' drawings and plans.


Elvie Scott

When embarking on a whole house remodel my husband and I realized we can appreciate a lot of different design styles, however being committed to any one thing is a challenge. Our neighbors recommended Ziggy Trenkler as we admired their home.


We already had the architect plans when we asked Ziggy to pull our 1940’s home into the modern era whilst keeping some of the original traditional aspects of the house.  She had the vision to harmonize all aspects of our design - including cabinetry design and layout, space planning, lighting, bathroom and kitchen layout and tile design, flooring, color palette, just the right amount of contemporary finishes, the varied style of two people, and WOW elements.


My husband wanted all of the bathrooms to look different and I wanted them to be coordinated within the overall design. What Ziggy achieved is a wonderful balance of individuality and harmonious function as well as a kitchen that is so beautiful from the street that strangers knock on our door to ask us about it. As you move from room to room you get a warm, elegant style with just enough sparkle to make you smile. 


Before we hired Ziggy we thought we could not afford a designer. Now we know she saved us time and money from needless mistakes and our own indecision. Our only regret is we did not hire her earlier in the space planning so that we could have benefited from design during the architecture phase. She is an integral, voting member of our team and has a straightforward, approachable management style. She is conscientious about budget and offers ways to conserve and save where appropriate. 


We highly recommend Ziggy Trenkler - she has a modern, elegant design aesthetic, does great work in a timely fashion, and cares about her customers. We can’t wait to see what is in store for us when she helps us decorate the interior spaces!

David and Daryl Baer

Selecting a designer can be stressful - will they guide our choices or dictate them? are they able to see trends down the road or stuck in the past? will the project blend with our house or look like a cookie-cutter add-on? This is the third project we have done with Ziggy and we can enthusiastically say that the experience has us answering all of the above questions as we had hoped! From a master bathroom design in 2008 (and still cutting edge design) to a kitchen re-do to our current project of a custom dining room cabinet. Every detail was thought through, every contractor thoughtfully selected. Each project reflects our design, our taste, blending style with functionality. And all on budget!

Jane Zinner

As an architect, developer, and a homeowner I have known Ziggy and worked with her on 8 projects of my own and numerous referrals to my friends and clients since 2009. I have received many thanks about their experience and satisfaction. I have enjoyed working with Ziggy with pleasure. She is a unique professional designing for her client wishes (not her own) and their budget and hits the nail on the head every time.

Benjamin Guilardi

Ziggy worked with us extensively when we were designing and decorating the home we were building. The home was quite large, and there were hundreds of decisions to be made during and post construction. Ziggy was always friendly, patient, and knowledgeable, She helped us through many difficult decisions. She is a master at understanding color, coordination, and we are continuing to use her for new projects.

Tim Guertin

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